Tasty, Nutritious Bison Tacos

shutterstock_257418382 If you're a busy parent, you are always looking for something easy and nutritious to feed your children.  The problem is, children can often be picky eaters.  One thing that is sure to please even the pickiest eater in your family are easy bison tacos.  These aren't the tacos al pastor you get off the local taco truck.. These are easy-to-make, hard-shell, Tex-Mex tacos that are great to sit down with or just take on the run. The difference between this recipe and the thousand other recipes out there are we use real ingredients.  These are not cheap hamburger tacos swimming in fat.  These are made with your own secret blend of chili powder that will be the best you ever tasted.  Mix that with fresh, wholesome, ground bison (which is lower in fat and cholesterol than ground chicken or turkey) and some organic micro greens out of your garden and you have a super healthy meal fit for a king that is easy peasy. This recipe is all made in one pan (easy cleanup) and can be served right from the pan into the taco shells.

Serves: 4

Taco Ingredients:
  •  1 lb. Ground Bison
    • Yes, you could use ground beef, but then it goes from being super healthy to just another high fat offering.  This is made with full-flavored, rich ground bison that will have your family asking for more.
  •   1 Onion
    • Pick whatever onions you like.  Usually this is made with white onions, but you could use yellow as well.   You probably don't want red onions as the flavor is likely to overwhelm the rest of the dish.
  •   1 Bell Pepper
    •   Pick whatever color pepper you like.  We prefer red, both for the visual appeal of the dish and for the flavor it imparts.  But use whatever makes you happy.
  •   4 Cloves Minced Garlic
    • You'll want to chop this garlic as finely as you can.  Coming across a big chunk of garlic is not a winner for most people (especially kids.)
  •   3 Roma Tomatoes (coarsely chopped)
    • Yes, you could use basically whatever tomatoes you can find.  Roma tomatoes have all of the great tomato flavor, but becuase they aren't so juicy they are much less messy.
  •   1 Cup Sweet Corn
    • In season, fresh sweet corn right off the cob would be preferred.  Out of season choose frozen corn. Under no circumstances should you use canned corn.  If canned is the only option, leave it out.
  •   1 Cup Black Olives Chopped
    • Olives are optional.  Many people like them, some don't.  If you are in the latter group, leave them out.  They enhance the flavor, but you don't need them if you don't like them.
  •   1 Can Black Beans drained
    • These are cooked and ready to go.  Of course we're talking whole beans here, not pureed or mashed.  Any brand is fine, at Intermountain Bison we like the organic ones, but anything will do.  In fact, if you can't find black beans and want to use red or pinto, that will be fine.  And these beans are optional.  They make the meal stretch and they add some nice body to the mixture, but are not absolutely necessary.
  •   6 Cups Organic Micro Greens
    • Yes, lettuce will do in a pinch.   Micro greens add a certain punch and crunch to the dish and boost the nutritional value significantly, but if this a situation where you are using what you have, hey, use what you have.
  •   2 Tbs  Butter
    • Don't use oil to cook bison.  The butter will add a really nice, rich flavor and will help the spices stick to the veggies.
  •   1 Bottle Spicy Taco Sauce
    • The brand that goes best on tacos like these is something along the lines of a Tapatio or Cholula.
  •   3 Tbs. Secret Taco Seasoning
    • This is the best taco seasoning you've ever tried.  It's inexpensive to make and will always be ready whenever you are.
  •   2 Cups Cheese Grated
    • This could be any type of cheese.  Consider pepper jack as a perfect compliment to this dish, but use whatever you have in the fridge.
  •   12 Hard-Shell Taco Shells
    • Nothing special here, but consider dunking the shells in hot water for 2-3 seconds before filling.  They will still be crunchy, but will be less likely to explode when you bite into them.
  Secret Taco Seasoning Ingredients:
  •  5 Tbs.  Ancho Chili Powder
  •   5 Tbs. Guajillo Chili Powder
  •   2.5 Tbs. Smoked Paprika Powder
  •   1. Tbs. Garlic Powder
  •   1  Tbs. Onion Powder
  •   2 tsp Black Pepper
  •   2 tsp Salt
  Directions for Taco Seasoning: Nothing fancy here.  Put all the seasonings in a zip lock bag and make sure they are well blended.  Before each use, give the bag a shake to ensure everything is evenly distributed.   Directions For Taco Filling: Start by melting the butter in a 10 in. (or so) fry pan.  Add the chopped onion, bell pepper, and one of the roma tomatoes to the pan and begin to saute them.  When they are warm all the way through, add the garlic, the beans, the ground bison and the chili powder to the pan and continue to saute.  As is always the case with bison meat, you don't want to overcook it.  It is very high in iron and if you overcook it, it will taste like liver.  Nobody likes liver, so don't overcook.  Right toward the end add the corn and olives. When the mixture is done, remove it from the fire and use it to fill the taco shells.  Soaking the taco shells for 2-3 minutes in hot water makes them less likely to explode when you bite into them.  On top of the meat mixture add chopped tomatoes, micro greens, cheese and taco sauce. This low-fat, low calorie, meal is truly a nutritionally complete meal for four in just one pan.  Be sure to leave us a comment in the comments section below and let us know how you liked it.  

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