Slow Cooker Bison French Dip Sandwich

french-dip-sandwich On a cool fall day there is nothing that says, "comfort food" like a french dip sandwich. You've tried them made from roast beef and even prime rib, but until you've had one made from bison sirloin, you haven't really had a french dip sandwich. This recipe is quick and easy to put together and and will be ready to eat whenever you are. This is a true "fire and forget" meal. Read on to find out how you can make the best french dip sandwich you've ever eaten. Ingredients Bison Sirloin You will want to use roughly one 6 oz. bison sirloin steak per person in your group. For small children you might get by with one steak for two children. For teenagers, better figure two steaks per person. Onion Any onion will do, but a sweet vidalia onion will go especially well. Plan on one onion for every two steaks. You can slice the onion and leave the rings, or quarter it and break into individual pieces. Either will work. Garlic Fresh garlic, of course. Whole peeled cloves Beef stock You can use beef stock of bison stock if you have it. Bison bone broth makes a fabulous base for this recipe, but you can easily use beef broth as well. You'll want to plan on about 1/2 cup for every two steaks. French Onion Soup If you're a purist, make your own. It's not that hard. If you're pressed for time, just open an envelop of french onion soup and add it to water. It's up to you. You're going to need about a cup for each person dining with you. Hoagie Rolls These can be whatever kind you like. Hoagie rolls are traditional, but potato rolls go well, as do the slider-type buns. You just need to be sure that whatever bread you use will hold together when you immerse it in the soup. That usually implies a fairly sturdy crust. One bun per person will usually do. Spices You'll want to spice the steaks before they go in the cooker with whatever you normally use on steaks. Optional: Bell Peppers Any color any amount. They aren't traditionally eaten with french dip sandwiches, but they are terrific. If you use them, chop them into 1/2" chunks. Chipotle peppers Again, not generally used in preparing french dip sandwiches, but boy do they go great with it. Peppers should be chopped finely and well dispersed in the crock pot. Cheese Any cheese that melts will do, but you don't want a really strong flavor. Mozzarella works perfect if you have it. You'll want to grate the cheese. Butter If you toast the bun before you put the meat on, it is less likely to get soggy (nobody likes soggy buns.) Buttering the buns after toasting them adds another layer of flavor. Instructions Lightly grease the bottom of your crock pot and cover the bottom with your onions and garlic. Remember, the garlic is peeled and left whole. If you try to mince (or even crush) the garlic and cook for that long, the flavor will be bitter. Once you have the bottom of the crock pot covered with the onions and garlic, add the already seasoned steaks. These will be added whole. We'll slice them later. Spread them out, but don't worry if they're two or three deep. They'll cook just fine. Finally, add the bell peppers, chipotles, and broth. Cook on low for about 2 hours. Remove the steaks and slice as thinly as you dare. Then put the meat back in the pot. Cook for another hour and your done. Once everything is cooked, you're going to want to slice your buns in half, lightly spread with butter and toast in the oven or in a fry pan. Once the bread is toasted, sprinkle on some grated cheese and add your bison sirloin. Be generous with the onions and peppers as these soak up an enormous amount of flavor. Serve with coleslaw or french fries. Eat by dipping the sandwich into a large mug of the onion soup and enjoy. Better bring extra napkins for this one. If you haven't had bison french dip sandwiches before, you owe it to yourself to buy some bison sirloin and have a go. You won't be sorry you did. I can guarantee you that. Leave a comment below to let us know how you liked it!

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