Powerhouse Bison Burger

Powerhouse Bison Burger Many of you have asked for a bison burger recipe worthy of the tailgating season. When not just any burger will do and you want the best burger you have ever eaten, this is the recipe you need to try! There's no question. When you fire up the grill with a powerhouse bison burger, every eye in the parking lot will be glued on you. Read on to find out how to make the best burger you've ever eaten -- hands down. Ingredients: Ground Bison Of course you're going to have to have ground bison. It couldn't possibly be a powerhouse bison burger without ground bison. Ground Pork Pork is somewhat higher in fat than bison and will add considerably to the juiciness of the burger. No, this isn't a health conscious, organic, save-the-heart burger. It's a juice running off your chin and down the front of your shirt kind of burger. Pork adds a ton of flavor and adds considerably to the juiciness factor. Close your eyes and go for it. Pork Sausage Don't just get the boring old breakfast sausage for this. Get something fun -- Hot 'n' spicy sausage, or Italian seasoned sausage, or something like that. This is a time to get creative and this is the place. Bacon This recipe works best with thick cut strips of bacon cut in half. Any flavor of bacon you like will work. Cheese We use Pepper Jack at Intermountain Bison, but you can use whatever you like best. Some people will even use blue cheese, so don't be afraid to experiment. Whatever cheese you choose will need to be cut into about 1/4" cubes. Fresh Egg This is optional. Having a fried egg oozing runny yolk over your burger is heavenly to some and horrid to others. If you like it, go for it. If not..... Well, you know what to do. Fresh Onion You'll want to chop the onion finely. Pretty much any onion will do, including green onions if you keep the pieces small. Fresh Garlic Don't use garlic powder, or garlic salt or anything else of that ilk. You want fresh garlic and you're going to want it finely minced. Chipotle Chiles You can use some of the gravy around the chiles and as many chiles as you want. Just keep the pieces small and it will all work out. Fresh Buns You can use whatever kind of bun you like, but it must be fresh. Old dry bread sticks in your throat. If you have older buns, use them another time. This is a magnificent burger, it deserves a fresh bun. Sourdough bread works well, texas toast works well, etc. Use whatever you have that's fresh. Spices and Condiments Whatever your favorite burger spices and condiments are, here's where you use them. You can use rubs, sauces, etc. Just be careful of sauces that have too much sugar if you're going to mix them into the meat mixture, as sugar will burn when you put it on the grill. And nobody wants to eat burned sugar. Directions: Combine (with your freshly washed hands) the ground meat in a large mixing bowl. You're going to want to use 3 parts ground bison, to 2 parts ground pork, and 1 part sausage. So you'd use 3 pounds of ground bison, 2 pounds of ground port and 1 pound of sausage. That would give you 6 pounds of ground meat and would feed roughly 12 normal people or six teenagers. You can size up or down from there as you need to -- just keep the proportions the same. Once the meat is mixed together to your satisfaction, add the onion, garlic, chiles, cheese cubes, and spices and mix until everything is well distributed. Once it's mixed, form it into patties. You'll want each patty to be roughly 1/2 pound. When the meat cooks, it will lose moisture. So your yield at the table should be burgers that are about 1/3 pound. Cook the patties on a hot grill until done. This isn't a burger you overcook. This should be watched carefully and cooked until medium well. Medium well is when you can still see a hint of pink, but the meat is on its way to brown in the middle. You can use a separate pan to cook the bacon and eggs. Again, don't cook the goodness out of everything. Don't make the bacon too crispy, and don't cook the eggs until the yolks are no longer runny. You want some floppiness in the bacon (that ensures the flavor is still there,) and you want the eggs fried with runny yolks. If you don't like runny yolks, leave the eggs out. Once everything is done, plate it all on a fresh bun and slather on the condiments liberally. It's supposed to be messy. Don't skimp now. You're almost there. Let us know how you like the Powerhouse Bison Burger in the comments section below. If you make changes you really like, be sure to list those too, so we can all benefit.

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