More Scientific Cooking With Sous Vide

Sous Vide If you're one of those people who think cooking ought to be less about the "art" and more about the "science" this post is for you.  Do you avoid cooking because half of what you cook doesn't turn out right?  Or, put another way, would you cook more if you could be guaranteed that everything would come out perfectly every time?  Then read on.  We've found what you've been looking for. What Is Sous Vide? If you haven't heard of sous vide yet, you will.  And if you haven't taken a serious look at sous vide you owe it to yourself to see how it could work for you.  In a nutshell, sous vide is a means of using the indirect heat of hot water to cook your food. What do we mean by "indirect heat?"  It means you place your food in a zip lock freezer bag and toss it into a pot.  The sous vide machine heats the water in the pot and holds it at an incredibly precise temperature (like one tenth of a degree) for as long as you need. How Does It work? Let's say you want to cook a steak to perfection (you don't usually buy steaks because they always seem under-done or over-done.)  You take your steak, season it like you normally would, place it in a freezer bag and into the pot it goes.  Because you want it medium rare, you set the sous vide for 129.3 degrees and let it go for an hour. When you come back in an hour, your steak is 129.3 degrees from the outside to the inside.  That's just on the rare side of medium rare.  To finish the steak, you take it out of the bag and place it in a very hot (smoking hot) pan or on your very hot grill for 30 - 40 second on each side.  This will sear the meat and give it the look you're accustomed to.  That is how ultra-high-end steak houses cook their steaks to perfection.  You didn't think they entrusted a $30 steak to some high school kid, did you? Because the temperature at which you're cooking is exactly the temperature of your finished product, it's impossible to over-cook or under-cook your food.  And what if your guests are 30 minutes late?  No problem.  You could leave your steak in that water for 8 - 10 hours and it would still be exactly, perfectly done.  It's impossible to overcook your food. Convenience: What if you're going to the lake and you're not sure what time you'll be home, but you'd like your food ready when you get there?  Easy.  Many sous vide machines are wifi friendly.  Meaning you use an app on your cell phone to turn your sous vide on whenever you want, and from wherever you are.  What if you get caught in traffic on the way home and arrive an hour later than you thought?  No problem.  With sous vide, it's impossible to overcook anything. Sous vide is like having a personal chef who's always ready to cook for you that you don't have to pay for.  This product is perfect for two income families.  Before you leave for work in the morning, toss a few things in a bag, throw the bag in a pot of water with the sous vide attached to the side of the pot, and an hour or so before you come home from work, use the app on your phone to start cooking.  Your meal will be ready when you walk in the door. But you don't have to eat, if you're not ready when you walk in the door.  Sit down and read the paper of you'd like.  You don't have to worry about over-cooking your food.  you can eat whenever you're ready.  Your food will be perfectly cooked, whenever you're ready to eat. Conclusion: If convenience food appeals to you but poorly cooked, poor quality food doesn't, you need to consider a sous vide.  We're talking gourmet food, ready when you are, flexible, easy and perfect every time.  There is nothing that provides the quality of food that sous vide does that still provides the ease and flexibility.  Give it a try.  You'll never be sorry you got a sous vide.

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