Healthy Bison Shepherd's Pie

Shepherd's Pie Shepherd's Pie is not only a comfort food, it's quick, easy.  And our Healthy Bison Shepherd's Pie is as packed with nutrition as it is goodness.  Read on to find out how to make the healthiest, low-fat, shepherd's pie you've ever eaten. Ingredients: 2 pounds ground bison     Bison is extremely low in fat (lower than a chicken breast) so you'll want to spray your pan with non-stick spray before you cook, or it will stick to the bottom of the pan. 2 onions chopped    Onions are always good.  You could try any white or yellow onion.  Some people even use scallions (green onions) for more flavor and color.  If you do that, you would use the whole green onion (the root end and the green end.) 1 head Cauliflower chunked     We're going to use the cauliflower in place of the potatoes which are normally used.  The flavor is similar (cauliflower is a chameleon when mixed with other foods.)  Make sure you use a fresh head, and if you can, buy organic. 2 Cup Frozen Peas     Of course you could use fresh peas, but they're hardly ever available, so frozen will have to do.  If you don't like peas, you could use carrots.  If you don't like carrots you could use broccoli.  If you don't like broccoli, well, just make the ground bison into patties and have a burger. 4 fresh tomatoes chunked      You can use whatever type of tomatoes you have.  If you're buying tomatoes, buy Roma tomatoes.  They have more meat and less juice. 1 cup beef broth or bone broth     Of course, if you're looking to make this dish as healthy as possible, you'd opt for bone broth.  If you're not already making bone broth, beef broth will work fine. 1 pound Carrots or sweet potatoes chunked (optional)     Instead of just having a layer of cauliflower covering your meat mixture, you could opt for two layers above the meat. Cauliflower would be one, the other could be carrots, sweet potatoes, or whatever you want.  Be creative.  The purpose of this dish is to use up whatever you have. 1 Cup cheese shredded     This could be cheddar, jack, pepper jack, mozzarella, or whatever you have.  Don't obsess over this.  You just want something covering your cauliflower so it doesn't dry out. Spices     You can use whatever spices you like, but smoky paprika, a touch of ground cumin, ancho chile powder, and several other savory-type spices will add an interesting flavor.  Don't be afraid to try something new.  Just start small and work up. Instructions: In a large pot, start boiling the cauliflower.  If you're going to use sweet potatoes or carrots as an additional layer, you could put them in another pot.  Boil until soft.  Then mix with a hand mixer until they are the consistency of mashed potatoes.  Be sure to drain off the water before mixing.  It's easy to add some later if you need it, but very hard to get out if you have too much. In a large skillet brown the ground bison and the onions.  You'll add whatever spices you've decided to use here.  You could also add a splash or two of worchestershire sauce if you are so inclined.  Be sure to spray the pan so the meat doesn't stick.  When the meat is browned, add the tomatoes, peas and whatever veggies you decided to use.  Add the beef broth and let the mixture simmer uncovered at least 5 minutes. In a large casserole dish, start layering your ingredients.  The meat and vegetable mixture goes in on the bottom.  Then, if you decided to use carrots or sweet potatoes as a layer, you can put them in with a spatula.  Last is the cauliflower mixture.  Top the whole thing with your grated cheese and lightly sprinkle some smoky paprika over the top. Bake at 350 degrees for about 30 minutes.  Serves 6-8 people (or three teenagers.)

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