Amazingly Versatile: Quick And Easy Bison Skewers

skewers There are very few foods that are equally enjoyable cold and hot. Pizza comes to mind. Some sandwiches, as well. But what food can you prepare up to two days in advance and hold in the fridge, then cook, then hold the leftovers 2-3 days and have them taste as good three days later out of the fridge as they did the moment they came off the grill? I think skewers alone hold that distinction. Skewers are so easy to prepare, so easy to cook, so easy to eat, and so easy to clean up after it ought to be a sin to even consider them. But for now, they're approved by everyone. Read on to find out how this easily prepared, cooked and eaten dish can lighten your load and keep your family clamoring for more. Ingredients: Bison Steak Of course any steak would do, but you're going to find you use a lot less that you would if you were just grilling a steak for each of your guests or family members, so this is a good time to use a more expensive cut. At Intermountain Bison, we prefer a ribeye or a New York Strip for skewers. Vegetables This is one of those things where you can use whatever you have. Little cherry tomatoes (both red and orange) go well. Or slices of egg plant, or chunks of bell pepper, or zucchini, or White or yellow onion, or just about whatever you have in your fridge. It's nice to mix up the colors, but that's just for the eye, not the palate. Bacon Bacon is optional, but when you slide a slice of bacon on between a chunk of bison and a chunk of onion, you're going to laying the foundations of a heavenly bite of food. Garlic Again, garlic is optional, but if you've never tried a piece of garlic that has been roasted over the fire, you haven't lived. This would be large peeled cloves only. The clove has to be big enough to be run through by the skewer without falling apart. Spices Before you put everything on the skewer, you're going to want to spice it all. Use whatever you normally would if you were grilling a steak. Only in this case, you're going to want to sprinkle it over everything -- veggies and all. Instructions: Start by cutting the steak into 1" cubes. Then slice the veggies into pieces about 1" square. Once everything is cut up, begin by running the meat and veggies onto a skewer in an alternating fashion. So for example, a piece of red pepper, a piece of yellow pepper, a piece of bison ribeye, a piece of bacon, a piece of onion, a piece of eggplant, and repeat until the skewer is full. Once the skewers are full, you can put them on a plate, cover them with plastic cling wrap, and put them in the fridge until you're ready to cook. It's not harmful to leave them for up to two days before cooking. Once you pull them out to cook, you're going to want a hot grill (these are best cooked on a grill and not on the stove, and it's much better if the grill is hot.) There are four sides. This is not a leisurely deal where you put it on the grill and walk away and sit down and have a drink. This is all hands on deck. You put them on for roughly a minute to a minute and a half for each side and they're done. So make sure everything else is on the table and you're ready to go before you put the skewers on the grill. DO NOT overcook your skewers. They real beauty of skewers is they are fantastic right off the grill. But most people don't know that after they are cooked they can be put in the fridge (covered, of course) for 3 - 4 days and taken out an eaten cold. If they weren't overcooked, the veggies will still be crunchy and the meat will be just like a roast beef sandwich and they are delightful. These are also an excellent item to cook ahead for a holiday party. You can pull them out at a moment's notice for unexpected guests and they will be a hit at any party. There is nothing you can make that will be as easy to prepare and as versatile as skewers. At Intermountain Bison, we usually figure 2 skewers per person. Of course kids might eat less, and teenagers might eat as many as you can prepare. But generally, two for each adult is about right. Let us know what you put on your skewers and how you like them. Also, if you've got a special way to cook, we'd like you to share that as well. Happy cooking!

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