3 Ways Bone Broth Helps The Body Heal

Bone Broth If I told you there was a pill you could take that would help maintain the elasticity in your skin, reduced joint pain and inflammation, improved digestion and strengthened the immune system, would you be interested?  My guess is you'd beat a path to the doctor's door and demand a prescription. But what if that miracle cure came from an inexpensive food you made yourself.  Would you still be as interested?  Enter bone broth. In today's society, where many of the ingredients in our favorite foods come from a chemistry set and not the earth, it's easy to overlook something as simple as rich, hearty bone broth.  We want our food now.  Even the microwave is too slow, these days.  And when you talk about a food like bone broth that has to simmer for 24-48 hours, you lose most people. But we're getting wiser.  We're starting to realize that genetically modified foods, grown with chemical fertilizers and poisonous pesticides and herbicides, can't be good for us.  More and more of us are starting to eat in self defense.  We're looking more and more for foods that are grown naturally, sustainably harvested and that are high in trace minerals and other substances that support our health. That describes bone broth to a "T".  It's not made from expensive cuts of meat, it's made from the parts of the animal that are often thrown away -- the inexpensive parts.  It's not the main course, it's what the French call a Restoratif, or a food that is restorative to the body.  Historically, bone broth wasn't the high-brow fare of the rich and famous, it was the blue collar staple of the working man.  But surprisingly enough perhaps, it works and it works well. How Bone Broth Helps The Body Heal Itself Bone broth Supports the Digestive System Eating a diet that is low in fiber, rich in sugars, refined carbohydrate and processed foods creates an environment in the gut where bad bacteria can crowd out the good bacteria.  That creates inflammation and a situation where food is not fully digested.  If you have trouble with stomach upset, gas, cramping, or any other of the signs of digestive system distress, you could benefit from bone broth. Bone broth contains collagen which, when cooked down, yield gelatin.  Gelatin is a kind of slimy substance that coats the gut, reducing inflammation and stomach upset.  It's amazing that something that tastes so good (and is so simple) can work such a miracle in the digestive system.   Bone Broth Helps Reduce Inflammation Bone broth also contains glycosaminoglycans (GAG).  These substances are powerful inflammation killers.  You've probably heard of Chondroitin.  Chondroitin is a GAG.  Or Glucosamine.  Glucosamine is also a GAG.  Both of them promote joint health and healing. Another GAG you've probably heard of is hyaluronic acid (HA).  HA is another powerful anti-inflammatory. As the population ages, inflammation rises.  If you're not a person who thinks the answer to every problem you have comes in a pill, you should consider drinking bone broth.  Even taking 12 ounces per day will have a dramatic impact on your bones and joints over the course of two to three months.   Bone Broth Supports a Healthy Immune System It's said that 60% - 80% (depending on who you listen to) of your immune system is found in your gut. What they mean is that the gut contributes to the immune system in several ways.  First, when you eat a diet rich in nutrients, rich in fiber, low in sugar, refined carbohydrates and processed foods, you body is able to get more nutrition out of the food you eat.  The nutrients found in those foods support the immune system. But that's not all.  When your gut is healthy, good bacteria keep bad bacteria in check.  Those good bacteria not only help with digesting your food, they attack pathogens that hitch a ride into your body on the foods you eat.  Those good bacteria (also known as probiotics) are very effective at carrying those pathogens right on out of the body.  Bone broth supports good bacteria. Finally, bone broth has amino acids that support the white blood cells that fight infection.  For example, broth made with chicken bones contains cysteine.  Cysteine thins mucus, making it easier to expel from the body.  Broth contains other amino acids that function similarly in ridding the body of infection.   Conclusion Bone Broth is easy to make, it's inexpensive, and it's effective.  So I will end where I started:  If I told you there was a pill that would help your skin, your hair, your bones and joints, your immune system and your digestion, would you want it?  Well, there is no pill like that.  But you can have all those effects for pennies on the dollar what the pill that did the same thing would cost. Start making bone broth today.  There are recipes on the web and on youtube.  It's as simple as putting bones into a crock pot, covering them with water and cooking them on low for 36-48 hours.  At the end you'll have a broth you can use in soups, casseroles, or whatever.  Or you can do what many people these days are doing and drink broth in place of coffee or soft drinks.  You'll be amazed at how good it tastes and how good you feel after drinking it for awhile.  Try some today and let us know how you liked it.  It's a winner.  

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